The Art Room

Paintings by Robert Jr Whitall
email Robert Jr or call (248) 582-1544 to purchase a one-of-a-kind original
painting or a high quality reproduction and for more information.

Mouse over for larger image.

Jimi Hendrix

Bonnie Raitt

Fats Domino

River Queen



Murder Of Crows

Woody Guthrie

Johnnie Winter

Bob Marley

Rosetta Thorp


Jerry Garcia

Chuck Berry

Little Richard

Allen Tousaint


Capt Trips

Josephine Baker

Frida Kahlo



Solomon Burke

Mavis Staples


Levon Helm

Holding onto Nothing but the Wheel

Ma Rainey

Billie Holiday 1

Billie Holiday 2

Black Cat Moan

Buddy Guy

Bob Marley

Get Rhythm When You Get The Blues

Hula Girl

Happy To Have The Blues

HoneyBoy Edwards 1


HoneyBoy Edwards 2

Little Freddie King

Muddy Waters

Robert Johnson 1

Robert Johnson 2

Mardi Gras Indian

Sky Is Crying at the Crossroads

Sweet Black Cherry

Dr John

Wild Man with the Herbs

Spy In The House
Of Love 1

Spy In The
House Of Love 2

Sly Stone

Uncle Lionel

Monk Boudreaux

Little Frdeddie King 2

Wild Man 2

Jimi Hendrix

Johnnie Bassett

Koko Taylor

Little Willie John

John Lee Hooker

3 Blind Boys at the
end of Highway 61


Green Indian

Always For Pleasure
(16" x 24")








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