Blues, Guitars & Baseball
Phil Guy
“Have Guitar Will Travel”

Jimmy Dawkins
One Of The Best, Later For The Rest!

The Setup Man
Linsey Alexander

Nick Moss
Chisox Fan & Guitar Man

Vino Louden
The Music Man

Chico Banks
Candy Licking Man

Like Father — Like Son
Eddie Taylor, Jr.

Steve Arvey
Down Under Assistant Promotions Man

Larry Williams is
Muddy Waters Jr

The History of the Guitar
John Chrisley “A Luithier ”

Detroit Blues Guitars
Dennis Coffey - Wah Wah Wizard of Motown
Howard Glazer - Guitar Slinger
Emanuel Young -,Old school Detroit blues rhythms
Paul Carey - Detroit Axeman
Mike Brooks - East London + East Texas = Motown Magic
Erich Goebel

David Fields On Baseball, Blues and Guitars
Paul Filipowicz - Out of the Woods into the Fray
Mark Tomorsky - West Coast Motown Man 30
Laurie Morvan - A guitarist and a shortstop! 30
Dusty Baker - Got The Dodger Blue(s)
Wise-Nesmith Baseball Field , Hazlehurst, MS

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A cure for the blues
six times a year.







Photo by Robert Jr Whitall

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