The Men In Black
Harmonicas and Little Walter

Billy Boy Arnold: “First Generation Bluesman”
Little Arthur Duncan plays some BIG HARP
Willie “Big Eyes” Smith:
Out In Front After All Those Years
Behind The Drums
Johnny Drummer: A Multitask Bluesman
Harmonica Hinds:

A warm tropical breeze turns
into a major Chicago wind

One of Chicago's best kept secret,
the West Side's Cyrus Hayes

Charlie Love: A Grass Roots Blues Man

Little Walter left a big legacy with his
unique Chicago blues harmonica

Muddy Waters’ Harmonica Players

Paul Oscher:
Old Timer Used To Be One Man Band

Cool winds blowing on the high seas
Harper Aussie Bluesman, American Soul
Charlie Musselwhite • Mark Hummell
Billy Gibson • Billy Branch
Magic Dick

Dennis Gruenling • Garfield Angove
Jason Ricci • Kim Wilson
Randy Chortkoff • Raoul Bhaneja

On The Road
Ace’s Alley
NYC blues
Wisconsin blues
Mississippi blues
Otis Rush Marker on Mississippi Blues Trail
Scholars, musicians to explore the Blues and Gospel
Tribute To Little Walte in Torontor

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A cure for the blues
six times a year.






Photo by Robert Jr Whitall

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