Bar-B-Q ‘N’ The Blues
Sampler #12 2012
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The two are often seen together if you are hearing blues, you are probally smelling bbq! Many jukes and blues night clubs sell them - blues and ribs. If you live in Detroit, blues and bbq are a staple at John's Carpet House or at Kansas City's BB's Lawnside BBQ. We have selected some "prime" cuts for our Summer CD Sampler #12, Bar BQue'N the Blues. Boogie woogie piano, folk blues, west coast swing, New Orleans funk, Chicago blues electric and from the winds of Minnesota piano maniac music. It is a smorgasbord of tasty delights and we hope you enjoy every "bite!" Thank-you for subscribing to Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine and keeping the blues alive. See you down the at the roadhouse for some good blues and bbq! — Robert Jr.

1. Robert Jr, Sugar Mae, April Mae & Handsome Bob
“Dem Bones’ “ (00:45)

2. Beverly McClellan
“Can’t Hide Me,” (3;45) Fear Nothing
Amazin’, amazin’ what the lack of fear can do. Beverly roars through this CD with a cast of extraordinary musicians and obviously has got the attention of the world. She is on top and will stay there! Fear Nothing!

3. Dave Fields
“Doing Hard Time,” (5:22), Detonation
New York City’s guitar slinger who brings his heart and soul into everything he plays. produced by David Z.

4. Johnnie Basset
“Proud To Be From Detroit,” (3:23), I Can Make That Happen,
The gentleman of the blues usually can “make that happen”. Bassett can step back in history but have a breath of nowness and with a distinct guitar tone, second to none.

5. Eric Lindell

“Trouble,” (2:47)
I Still Love You
California bred, New Orleans groomed Eric has a new CD that keeps on giving. His Blue-Eyed Soul combines with New Orleans funk to form the dancing rhythms of Mr Lindell’s roots rock.

6. S.E. Willis
“I Called Your Name,” (3:11)
Pass the Hat
Every song on this CD is important. It was hard to chose but with Elvin’s guitar perfectly waving with Steve’s tinkering on the keys, this one worked. Willis’ CD is as tasty as Steve’s choices of hats. (which I am a connoissoeur! RJW)

7. Toronzo Cannon
“Earnestine,” (3:30) Leaving Mood
Chicago’s leading guitarist a the moment, Cannon’s traditional but modern mastery of the guitar lets us know the future is bright and the blues is not dead.

8. The 44s
“Hanging Tree” (4:14)
LA’s hottest band at a period of great West Coast music. Following the trails made by Los Lobos and The Blasters, the 44’s cross the borders of all American songbooks and still keep it funky. The hardest working band is highly endorsed by the hardest working blues magazine!

9 Davina & The Vagabounds
“Black Cloud,” (2:22)
Black Cloud
Sugar and my favorite female piano performance at New Orleans Jazzfest! A female Jerry Lee, a dancin’ piano player. Davina and the Vagabonds come to party and I hope you get to enjoy them too.

10. JT Thompson
“Sugar Free,” (3:00) Chase Away Your Blues

This is what I never want to be “Sugar Free” but on JT’s boogie rhythms it points out what I could be missing. I love a man and his piano and you won’t be disappointed with this swinger. Put on your dancin’ shoes.

11. Lisa Biales
“Call The Fire Wagon,” (2:31), Just Like Honey
Lisa is a vocalist extraordinaire at ease on every kind of style, there is such an intensity in her singing! Musically, and instrumentally this CD, produced by EG Kight, is a real pleasure!

12. Strat A Tones
“Be Bop Baby,” (3:46) Dressed up to Fess Up
Cool California rhythm & blues freshly brewed in Central coastal California is always a tasty dish. This CD rocks with the cool and grace of a Catalina Island sunset. We hope that these guys get on that midnight train from the coast and bring their swing with them!

13. Gashouse Gorillas
“Nine Lves,” (3:56) Gashouse Gorillas

It is time to party! and these guys know how to grease up a room. Whether it is a ballad to get you close to the one you love or a rocker to show off what you got. These guys are for real.

14. Smoky Greenwell
“99% Blues,” (4:02), 99% Blues,
In this political year we need an anthem, once again New Orleans’ Smoky Greenwell & Krew have come up with a song we (the 99% can rally around. Keep it up Smoky!

15. Peter Novelli

“Treme 3 AM,” (5:28)
Louisiana Roots & Blues
Peter Novelli and his Louisiana guitar once again hits one out. Focusing in on the infamous neighborhood,Treme, New Orleans funk and blues oozes from the grooves on this vinyl. We all are new Orleanians!

16. Bas Clas
“Allons Danser,” (4:45)
Bas Clas
From deep in the Louisiana bayous and swamps comes this “low Class” rock and roll Americana band who would feel at home in the Appalachians or the folk circles around Boston in the sixties. We hope to see Bas Clas everywhere, Let’s Dance!

17. Philadelphia Jug Band
“Hesitation Blues,” (2:32) Philadelphia Jug Band
The Philadelphia Jug Band (PJB) is passing along the fine traditions of Americana music. The old songs sound new and refreshed. Going from one genre to another the talents of the PJB are quietly intwined in the musical fabric of this CD.

18. Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder,
"All Night Long," (3:46), Live At BluesBaltica
Harmonica and piano put together nicely by these blues enthusiasts got everyone's attention at the 2011 IBC (Best Solo/Duo!). Now it is time to get down and spread the word outside the Baltics and Memphis. Get down fellas and ride!!

19. Little Freddie King

“Nighttime at Treme,” (4:45)
Chasing The Blues
Mississippi born but New Orleans is now his home, the downhome and the city funk mixed becomes Little Freddie King. A role in HBO’s Treme season 3 is widely anticipated with pride and excitement. Freddie has the gutbucket blues going on in his crib in the Musician’s Village.

20. Outro Sugar & Junior (:24)

A cure for the blues
six times a year.

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