Gimme 5: A Fundraiser
P.O. 1805
Royal Oak, MI 48068

Gimme Five: A Fundraiser – 501 (c) (3) since 2007 was founded by the publisher of Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine—Robert Jr. Whitall the day that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, LA in August 2005 in order to help blues musicians put money in their pocket when they are unable to work. Big thanks to all who have made donations and continue to help raise money for Gimme Five especially The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise. Since its inception Gimme Five has continued to help not only many New Orleans musicians but other blues musicians across the country. For more information about Gimme Five: A Fundraiser email: or 248-582. Remember to help musicians—go hear live music, go to their websites, buy their CDs and merchandise!

Charmaine Neville
Antoinette K-Doe
Irma Thomas
Little Jr. Cannady
Billy Diamond
Jerry Ricks
R. Bailey
Cyril Neville
Bob Enos
Big Chief Monk
Antoinette K-Doe
Herman Ernest
Thomas Wright
Spencer Bohren
J. Payton
Wendell Holmes
Deak Harp
J Monque D
Sylvester Francis
JD Hill
Sally Stevens
Geri Ward
Smokey Smothers
Danielle Schneblen
Bo Dollis
John Sinclair
Grandpa Elliot
John Rusky
Smokey Smothers
Gary Grimshaw
Jackie Bruce
Joseph Johnson
Troy Turner
Warren Nabonne
Frank Robinson, Jr.

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