2011 Coolest Blues Song Winners
and Happy to Have the Blues Awards

A long and winding (and sometimes bumpy) road has gotten us to our annual Happy To Have The Blues Awards and the results of our yearlong Coolest Blues Song Of The Year. We award the "Happy to Have the Blues Awards" to people, places and things that our writers, photographers and contributors have chosen because they make us happy. The Coolest Blues Song of the Year is a combination of judging, fan voting and being featured on our subscription CD samplers. This year the winners are: the East Coast's big harp voice, Mikey Junior's "The Cheapskate" off his CD, "It Ain't Hard To Tell," Ruff Kutt Blues Band (produced and featuring Anson Funderburgh), "Mill Block Blues," from the CD, "Mill Block Blues," and Bill "Howl N Madd" Perry, "Way of the Blues," from his CD, "Way of the Blues." We will be celebrating the 2nd Annual Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine's Happy to Have the Blues Awards in New York City at Kenny Castaway's on Sunday, November 13th with an all star cast led by Manhattan's own Dave Fields for more information go to www.bigcitybluesmag.com or 248-582-1544 or 917-475-1323 (special guests from New Orleans Little Freddie King and his sidekick Wacko Wade AND from Mississippi Bill "Howl N Madd" Perry)

Coolest Blues Songs 2011 a 3-way tie!

Mikey Junior, “The Cheapskate
It Ain't Hard To Tell

Bill "Howl N Madd" Perry, “The Way Of Blues”
The Way Of Blues

Ruff Kutt Blues Band, “Mill Block Blues”
Mill Block Blues

Listen to all the finalists

2011 Happy to Have the Blues awards
1. best smile (male)--Buddy Guy
2. best smile (female)--Mavis Staples
3. best dressed (male)--PineTop Perkins
4. best dressed (female)--Roach from Cafe R&B
5. best cook (male)--Taj Mahal
6. best cook (female)--Irma Thomas
7. best hair-"do" (male)--Bob Corritore
8. best hair-"do"(female)--Gaye Adegbalola
9. best "ride" (male)--Little Freddie King
10. best "ride"(female)--April Mae & The Junebugs, "Her New Bus"
11. best jokester (male)--Super Chikan
12. best jokester (female)--Eden Brent
13. best athletic (body!)(male)--Cedric Burnside
14. best athletic (body!)(female)--Ana Popovic
15. best radio show(Commercial)--Sirius/XM,"American Roots Radio with Bernie Taupin"
15A.best radio show (Non Commercial)--"Blues Before Sunrise" with Steve Cushing
16. best radio personality--Bill Wax, Sirius/XM, "BBKing's Bluesville"
17.best pet (male)--Tino Gross's dog, Nigel Burnside
18. best pet (female)--Cathy Lemon's Cat-Slinkey
19. best tour bus driver--Watermelon Slim
20. best roadie--Skyler Castro
21. best soundman(person)--Peter Jay-Callahans
22. best hospitality at festival--Philadelphia Folk Festival
23. best "dayjob"(male)--Trombone Shorty
24. best "dayjob"(female)--Karen McFarland, english professor
25. best whistler--Taj Mahal
26. best club doorman-Lonnie Showtime..The Saloon
27. best dancer (male)--Johnny Rawls
28. best dancer(female)--Sugar Pie DeSanto
29. best bartender--Bobby Brither At Kenny Castaways
30. best tattoos (male)--Steve Simon, Bluesstock
31. best tattoos (female)--Taryn Donath
32. sexiest voice (male)--Wendell Holmes
33. sexiest voice(female)--Chick Rogers
34. favorite one-man (or woman) band--Paul Oscher
35-best packer--Mikey Junior

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