Holding Onto Nothing But The Wheel
Sampler #14 2013

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“Summertime” and “The Road Goes on Forever,” “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad,” “On the Road Again,” “Further on up the Road!” Road trips is a favorite theme in music as well as here at Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine because we have been on the road for over 100 issues, almost 20 years! Thus our second CD Sampler of 2013, CD Sampler #14, Holding Onto Nothing But The Wheel, describes what I, “Junior” and many blues men spend most of their time doing in the summer: driving to festivals and gigs. Sugar and I spend from February to November on the road, spreading the word and getting the word. Once again our CD Sampler #14, Holding Onto Nothing But The Wheel has gathered some of the best music from all over these great states: New Orleans, Ohio, Michigan, Memphis, New York,Virginia, California, Florida, Alabama and much more to come in our August issue. The cover shows me, “Junior,” driving away from the “Bright Lights, Big City” and into the country, the night, the unknown and the known. Past the crossroads and juke joints to all points east, west, north and south.
CD Sampler #14 Holding Onto Nothing But The Wheel is here just in time for the summer festival season enjoyment. We have compiled this CD sampler with some of the favorite tunes that have crossed “Junior’s Jukebox” and we have asked the bands to spread the love to you through this CD sampler. It is hard these days to keep a band on the road with the gas prices and the blues clubs coming and going so except for the top dollar acts, most bands have to stay near home base. But in the old days bands would load up their “station wagons” and head out til they had money to come home, “Holding onto nothing but the wheel.” So we dedicate this CD sampler to those road warriors like Eddie Kirkland who preferred sleeping in his car over a hotel. (Alas Eddie died making a U-turn in front of a speeding truck). “Holding on to nothing but the wheel” is a song by Mr. Peter Wolf, previously recorded by Patty Loveless and written by Patty Loveless and John Scott Sherrill.
Please take me when you go — Robert Jr. www.bigcitybluesmag.com

1. Sugar Mae, Bob
Monteleone & Robert Jr

“Been Down The Road”
Robert Jr. (words), Shirley Mae (vocals) and Bob Monteleone (vocals & guitar)

2. Eric Burdon

“Devil & Jesus” (4:22)
Til Your River Runs Dry,
England’s gift to the United States, Mr. Burdon is back with authority. there are many cuts we liked on his CD “The Devil and Jesus” won us over. Thank-you Eric!

3. Gaye Adegbalola

“Blues For The Greens” (2:09) 
Blues In All Flavors, 
An award winning children's CD. One of the nicest, funniest, talented performers, we are lucky to have in the blues world. Fresh and healthy like a nice head of broccoli—”Blues for the Greens” really rocks!

4. Ruff Kutt Blues Band

(with Finis Tasby,
Zac Harmon, Anson
Funderburgh and James Goode)

“Deep Elam Blues” (4:42)
That’s When The Blues Begins,
Finis Tasby, Zac Harmon, Anson Funderburgh, James Goode is a magical combination that comes together with this Texas gathering on “Deep Elam Blues.” God bless Finis Tasby!

5. Mighty Mojo Prophets

“Sweetness” (4:57) 
Flying Home From Memphis,
The newest West Coast masters of swing, the Mighty Mojo Prophets continue that tradition with "Sweetness." Great Delta Groove release!

6. Billy J

“New Car” (5:07) Billy J
Billy J and his powerhouse band bring a classic rock edge to their blues roots sound with their new single "New Car," off his new self-titled EP out November 2013.

7. Eric Hughes

“Drink Up”  (2:35)
Drink Up, 
Award winning Memphis blues player, Eric “Scrappie” Hughes delivers the imagery, wit and groove that have become the trade mark of his original sound; honed by hundreds of nights performing in the clubs on Beale Street.

8. Randy Volin & The Hard Ones

“When She Says Jump” (4:43)
Detroit Thang,
From the streets of the Motor City, gritty and greasy recorded in Detroit and Los Angeles, “How High To Jump” is a blast from the past, straight into tomorrow.

9. Nigel Mack

“King For a Day” (3:53) 
Devils Secrets,
Nigel Mack’s powerful vocals, blistering slide and killer harp drives this highly anticipated all original third release from Canada’s blues ambassador to Chicago, “Devil’s Secrets” is available on CD Baby, Amazon and itunes.

10. Tweed Funk

“Dancemaker” (5:31)
Love Is, 
Are you ready for some funk? Milwaukee has the Funk that will wear out your shoes and party away your blues!

11. Lisa Biales

“Magic Garden” (3:45) 
Just Like Honey, 
This Ohio songbird has mixed in a little “Parisian” to her wonderful old time feel. Old and new, this music will lift your spirits and leave you feeling like you are on top of the world!

12. Hurricane Hawk

& The Invaders
“Stay Away” (4:06)
Cold So Cold, 
Hurricane Hawk & the Invaders bring the Florida heat to the rest of the world. Blues is alive and well and don’t “Stay Away” from their new CD.

13. Smoky Greenwell

“My Own Blues Club” (4:05) 
99% Blues,
Smoky, our friend from New Orleans sings the blues about buying a “dream” bar in New Orleans only to lose it because of hurricane Katrina. Smoky has lived the blues!

14. The Forgotten

Borough Blues Band
“All That Glitters” (4:34) 
Last Ferry,
What do you get when you combine a couple of 20 yr old college students with a couple of 50+ yr old blues vets? NYC’s Forgotten Borough Blues Band looks to answer the question with their take on American roots music.

15. Jay Willie Blues Band

“New York Minute” (2:41)
New York Minute, 
- The Jay Willie Band from Connecticut lays down some vintage Texas blues, rock and ballads by Johnny Winter’s ex-drummer Bobby T. Torello. Seven blues classics and eight band originals.

16. George T Gregory

“After Hours” (4:40) 
After Hours, 
Saxophonist and vocalist, George T. Gregory, has been delighting audiences from New England to the San Francisco Bay Area for many years with his modern mix of original and cover songs in r&b, electric blues, motown, pop jazz, and New Orleans style rock and roll—a flavorful mix of music that makes everyone get up and dance.

17. Packard Slim

"Credit Card" (3:48)
Studebaker Blues 45
From Milwaukee to California, Slim brings his down home blues stylings from the street corners to the country roads. Slim walks the walk!

18. Detroit Frank Dumont

(wsg Billy Cox)
“Blues For Buddy” (5:07)
Let Me Be Frank, 
With Deacon Jones and Billy Cox, Frank Dumont cannot do wrong especially in our opinion his best CD out there. From the streets of Detroit to the Black Forest of Colorado. Enjoy!

19. Dave Fields

“You Will Remember Me” (3:38) 
Dave Fields is the definition of electrifying rocking blues originals with a lot of hot New York soul!
20. Sugar Mae, Bob
Monteleone, & Robert Jr

“See You Down The Road” (:22) 
Robert Jr. (words), Shirley Mae (words/vocals), Bob Monteleone (guitar)

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