Dec 2021/Jan 2022

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A sunny summer day in Chicago
at Delmark Records Studio

The Early History of Delmark Records 
And the Bluesmen who recorded there

Delmark Records
The Indelible Mark of Excellence

Interview with Julia Miller and Elbio Barilari
Bob Stroger Have Bass Will Travel
Dave Specter 30 Years with Delmark Records!
Jimmy Burns Seven Decades into the Blues!
Mud Morganfield His Own Voice
Mike Wheeler A Self Made Man
Linsey Alexander Chicago Stalwart
Demetria Taylor Stellar Singer from a Blues Family|
Friends Of Delmark
Donna Herula Love Counselor with a Steel Guitar
Liz Mandeville Playing with Fire!
Michael Frank Earwig Records
Lynn Orman Love Communicaterwith a Camera
Kevin Johnson Promoter of Blues and Love
Scott Kempler Its Wang Dang Doodle Time
Peter Hurley Photo and Portrait Creator
Mojo Morganfield Too Short a Time Now
in The Angel Band
Hastings St Boogie
Nicky T & The Snake Charmers
New York City

Coolest Blues Song 2021 Winners


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A cure for the blues
six times a year.

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On the cover:
? Photo by Robert Jr Whitall at Delmark’s Stroll on Rockwell St September 4th 2021

Vol. 27 No 6

Robert Jr
Sugar Mae

Sampler #30
Mojo Hand

Sampler #29
California Dreaming

Sampler #28
Happy to Have the Blues

Sampler #27
I Like It Like That

Sampler #26
What Would Junior Do?

Sampler #25
On The Road To Nowshere

Sampler #24
Finger Lickin’ Good!

Sampler #23
We Jukin' Here!

Sampler #22
Summer of Love

Sampler #21
Down the road with
Sugar & Jr

Sampler #20
Boogie Chillen