Dec 2022-Jan23

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Piano Wizards
Jim Pugh It Takes a Little Village
Daryl Davis Bluez N the Hood
Carl Sonny Leyland Boogie Woogie Master
Taryn Donath San Diego Boogie Woogie Star!
Lady Bianca The lady can boogie!
Sandy Haley Ascendant from Motown
to the City of the Angels
Pound Those 88’s
A look at the keyboard and the players who
perfected its sound.
Dave Keyes R&B is the Key
Rob Rio Southern California Boogie Woogie Man
Veronica Lewis A Rising Star “You Ain’t Lucky”
Ben Levin Young Keyboard King!
Duane Blackburn Key to the Tradition
Henri Herbert Born to Boogie
Professor Louie Woodstock Rockin’
Mitch Woods Club 88 Forever
Hastings St Boogie
Phillip J Hale Man of a Thousand Keys –
Urban Progressive
Los Angeles
New York City


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A cure for the blues
six times a year.

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On the cover:

Photo taken by Robert Jr Whitall November 3, 2022 on the Mexican Rivera LRBC

Vol. 28 No 6

Robert Jr
Front Pages

Sugar Mae
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Sampler #32
Night Time Is The Right Time

Sampler #31
Goin Up the Country

Sampler #30
Mojo Hand

Sampler #29
California Dreaming

Sampler #28
Happy to Have the Blues

Sampler #27
I Like It Like That

Sampler #26
What Would Junior Do?

Sampler #25
On The Road To Nowshere

Sampler #24
Finger Lickin’ Good!

Sampler #23
We Jukin' Here!

Sampler #22
Summer of Love

Sampler #21
Down the road with
Sugar & Jr

Sampler #20
Boogie Chillen