Aug/Sept 2023

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Ruthie Foster and her band
Ruthie Foster In the Beginning
Larry Fulcher Touching Base with a Touching Bassist
Hadden Sayers Texas-Infused, Through and Through
Scottie Miller Versatility is Key
Brannen Temple The Man Behind the Drums
Female Blues Guitar
Pickers of the Past

Chicks With Picks
Ana Popovic + Power = Unity
Gaye Adegbalola Satisfied Blues Woman
Radka Kasparcova Radical Chicago Blues Guitar           
Laura Chavez She Broke the Glass Ceiling!
Debbie Davies Guitar Master
Joanna Connor Defining a New Generation
of Chicago Blues Guitarists
Ghalia Volt Chick without a Pick
Ivy Ford Time To  Shine
Sue Foley The Ice Queen!
Hastings St Boogie
Paula Messner
Six String Stories
Basel, Switzerland
Off Broadway
New Jersey


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A cure for the blues
six times a year.

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Vol. 29 No 4

On the cover:
Photo taken June 16th, 2023 at Blues On The Fox by Robert Jr. Whitall

Robert Jr
Front Pages

Sugar Mae
Back Pages

Sampler #33

Sampler #32
Night Time Is The Right Time

Sampler #31
Goin Up the Country

Sampler #30
Mojo Hand

Sampler #29
California Dreaming

Sampler #28
Happy to Have the Blues

Sampler #27
I Like It Like That

Sampler #26
What Would Junior Do?

Sampler #25
On The Road To Nowshere

Sampler #24
Finger Lickin’ Good!

Sampler #23
We Jukin' Here!

Sampler #22
Summer of Love

Sampler #21
Down the road with
Sugar & Jr

Sampler #20
Boogie Chillen