The Alterman Audio Alternative ... Sound Advice

Sound Advice ... a philsophy of selling that really means teaching, educating ... explaining technology in easy to understand plain English

Sound Advice ... it isn't all about the equipment that matters, its your enjoyment of music and movies in your home

Sound Advice ... means honest recommendations based personal listening and comparisons of stereo (and home theater) components, analyzing magazine reviews, and most all, owning and enjoying the same recommended equipment, because we love what we sell

Sound Advice ... means Technical Support. Not for 90 days, not for a year, but forever. Whether you have a question about hooking things up, running wires, internet music, interfacing with a product you didn't buy from Alterman Audio, etc, we will answer your question.

Sound Advice ... on how much to spend....? What to buy? What brand is best? We offer our humble opinions based on four decades of designing systems, taking care of problems, and making people happy.

Sound Advice ... on where to put your TV and speakers. It makes all the difference in the world!

Sound Advice ... don't let a kid do your installation. Nobody has more experience, more know-how, more technical expertise and passion for great sound and a outstanding movie expeirence in the home than our Head of Installation





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