Black Cat Moan
Sampler #13 2013

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A black cat moaning to the moon at the crossroads. What a dream this was! “Black Cat Moan” is not a dream. It is the beginning of a great year- 2013 and as usual is filled with wonderful music to get your new year party mojo working. From California to New York, from Florida to Wisconsin, from Austria to Detroit, from Pennsylvania to Delaware, from Kansas City to Chicago and of course Staten Island is where we have chosen some choice cuts for your enjoyment. 
As most of you know we use the CD sampler to put a spotlight on the song and the songwriter. All the songs on this sampler will be entered into Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine’s “Coolest Song of the Year” contest and you will get a chance to vote throughout the year. Check it out on
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Peace, love & happiness,
Robert Jr. Whitall

 1. Sugar Mae & Robert Jr
“Black Cat Moan” (0:54), BCR&B Records,

2. Johnny Winter

“T. Bone Shuffle” (4:52), Roots,
Johnny Winter goes back to the roots to cover T-Bone Walker in this cut from his CD, "Roots". Johnny Winter is alive and well.

3. Dave Fields

“Addicted To Your Fire” (4:02), Detonation,
New York City's keeper of the flame and guitar picker of growing fame, Dave Fields is one of the treasures that we have in America that makes the future bright. Not just in blues, in good music everywhere!

4. Dennis Gruenling featuring Doug Deming,

“The Rev” (4:17), Rockin’ All Day,
featuring Doug Deming, Jump Blues at it's max! Dennis Gruenling's horn-like phrases can get a room up and jumpin' Dynamite

5. Doug Deming
featuring Dennis Gruenling
“What’s It Gonna Take” (3:15), What’s It Gonna Take,
Doug Deming is Detroit's favorite ex-patriot now living and performing in the Sunshine State with his Jewel Tones. Doug's new CD, "What's It Gonna Take" moves him as songwriter, singer and guitarist into a new stratosphere. Featuring special guest Dennis Gruenling.

6. Hans Theessink & Terry Evans

“Delta Time” (3:25), Delta Time,
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans are the best best of both worlds. Hans (Europe) and Terry (USA) brings us to the future from the past. Both thrive in the delta and seamlessly bring us music that was born in the South.

7. Wumbloozo

“Sidetracked” (4:26),
Caught In The Act,
Steamy Mississippi, guitar, swampy blues harp, soulful Nashville country, mixed into a brand new sound, blues like it oughtta be.

8. Big Frank & The Healers

“I Love You Baby” (4:38), Sparky’s Lounge
Big Frank will take you to Sparky's Lounge and you will not want to leave. Keeping the blues straight in Staten Island and other New York City boroughs. Feel the love.

9. Nigel Mack

“Devil’s Secrets” (3:58), Devil’s Secrets,
Nigel Mack's powerful vocals, blistering slide and killer harp drives this highly anticipated, all original 3rd release from Canada's Blues Ambassador to Chicago: "Devil's Secrets" available on CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes!

10. St Georges Sessions

“Take Me Out To The Delta” (4:25), “The Session” Acoustic Blues,
“Take Me Back to The Delta” was born at the Country Store in St. Georges, Delaware. Billy Pierce and the musicians from the jam recorded the song in one take on a Saturday afternoon in the historic St. Georges studio.

11. Nothing But Trouble

“Maintenance Man” (4:06), One Trouble After Another,
If trouble was money, I'd be a millionaire. Nothin But Trouble brings us the kind of trouble we want: blues, bars & broads. These guys are "Maintenance Men," so ladies step right up!

12. Jimmy Adler

“Sugar Cookie” (3:38), Midnight Rooster,
Pittsburgh guitarist and bandleader Jimmy Adler, along with songwriting partner Mike Sweeney, serve up a musical buffet of authentic blues for the soul. Tasty guitar and catchy original songs make this CD hard to put down.

13. Tweed Funk

“Fine Wine” (3:30), Love Is,
Tweed Funk is Milwaukee's funkiest band since James Brown toured through Wisconsin. Great song writing with a groove and you can dance to it. JD and the fellows bring the party to you! Wear comfortable shoes!

14. Lisa Chavous & The Philadelphia Blues Messengers

“I Don’t Want To Make Love To Your Man” (3:26), The Underground Hustle,
This is Chicago blues with a Philly twist! Lisa and the Messengers bring a jazzy blues tradition inspired by saxophone great Byard Lancaster. Get ready for the Hustle!

15. Anthony Moser

“Got It All” (4:01), Transhuman Blues,
Chicago's newest blues talent brewed right here in the shadow of Buddy Guy at Legends. New attitude from a new face and a new set of fingers, Anthony Moser will get your attention.

16. Paul Filipowicz

“Your True Lovin” (3:39), Saints and Sinners,
Paul Filipowicz the “Original Blues Guitar Savage” weighs in with his finger picked guitar punctuating the gamut of songs from Rocking Shuffles to Soulful Funky Blues.

17. Hurricane Hawk

“Boom Boom” (6:15),
Cold So Cold,
Hurricane Hawk & the Invaders bring the Florida heat to the rest of the world. Blues and alive and well and "Boom Boom" is one of the sexiest songs to come down the pick in awhile. Cold so cold!

18. Coyote Bill

“She’s Got The Goods” (4:26), The Super Happy Good Time Fun Factory,
Shot from a Kansas cannon, Coyote Bill rocks into your world with his heavy blues and danceable groove. Having been around KC for awhile his chops are down and he ain't no clown. KC still rocks!
19. Sugar Mae & Robert Jr
“Where Did That Black Cat Go?” (0:19),

A cure for the blues
six times a year.

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