Get Rhythm, When You Get The Blues
Sampler #11 2011-2012

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Many people new to the Blues, usually say they avoided listening to the Blues because they want to be happy not sad. I always found joy in hearing the wailing voice of the Blues, talking about life with honesty and passion. The many colors of Blues is why I call our magazine Rhythm & Blues, my Blues moves and jumps. Boogie chillun! As is usual with our samplers we try to pay tribute to past great music, this time we pay tribute to the great Johnny Cash nugget, Get Rhythm, When You Get The Blues. The Blues can make your feet move, your body sway and the room to shake. We hope this sampler rocks your party or your road trip. I have again collected some of my favorite musicians that I have run into on the road and they have given me a sample of their work to share with you.
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1. Junior, Sugar & Dave Fields
“Get Rhythm, When You Get The Blues!” (:52)
Sugar Mae & Junior on Vocals, With Dave Fields and Robert Jr on guitars

2. Monk Boudreaux
“Monks Mardi Gras” (3:46)
Won’t Bow Down
Monk Boudreaux is one of the brightest leaders and voices in New Orleans. This cut brings the Mardi Gras funk and the New Orleans rhythm together in a great dance groove

3. Peter Novelli featuring Dr John
“Since The Hurricane” (4:50)
Peter Novelli
Peter Novelli featuring Dr John on piano, weaves a wonderful post Katrina lament around his weeping guitar. A classic love song to the city care forgot but we never will. Yeah You Rite!

4. Hans Theessink
“Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down” (3:23)
Jedermann Remixed
Dutch born Hans has been to the delta, to the crossroads, the way he brings the classics to Europe, the old country, is very moving, a new twist to old tricks. Finger-poppin, toe-tappin music!

5. Paxton Norris
“ Something’s Gotta Give” (3:24)
Something’s Gotta Give
Wow! Powerhouse Midwest vocals and guitar with a lot of Chicago in it. Based in Indianapolis, schooled in Michigan, records in the Motor City, his great vocals and guitar reflect his Michigan blue-collar roots and Motown soul!

6. Laurie Morvan
“Mojo Mama” (4:54)
Breathe Deep
This sister swings west coast style and her guitar rings true. Her mojo and her tight band have won fans all across the country not just in California. Breathe some of this!

7. Jim Allchin
“Overclocked” (3:06)
From The deep south to the northwest, Jim brings class guitar out of Seattle, cooking of course on guitar but weaving in background singers and horns blended with his west coast vocals this is a treat, Microsoft’s loss is the blues world’s gain!

8. Coventry Jones
“Delta Queen” (4:27)
Time Stands Still
Milwaukee-based CJ combines critically acclaimed vocals with styles ranging from modern Folk to Celtic and Delta Blues, Coventry Jones takes us slidin’ to the Delta. Enjoy!

9. James Day
“Big Money” (3:32)
Produced by James Harman
Jumpin’ with James (Two James) Big sound from James Day with help from James Harman. If “Big Money” doesn’t make you dance something is wrong with you man! Hits you like a firecracker!

10. Mikey Capone
“White Lightnin’” (4:17)
Upon The Crossroads
Los Angeles guitar ace Mikey Capone teases us with ‘White Lightnin’”. Mikey’s guitar’s voice takes the song over in a style reminiscent of the great Ronnie Earl or Jimmy Thackery, whew! We can’t wait for the CD!

11. Washboard Jo
“Smooth Bald-headed Man” (3:19)
CD Coming Soon!
Kansas City’s sweetheart of Rhythm & Blues takes her music to all branches of American music—Blues, Zydeco, Reggae and Rock. Holding down the groove on “Bald Headed Man,” Jo gives a peek toward her next CD. Bring it!

12. Big Daddy O
“Got No Blues Today” (2:52)
What You Gotta Go Through
The Louisiana/Mississippi roadhouses know Big Daddy and now you will too! Anything near New Orleans we tend to love and the Delta musing of Mister “O” harkens back to where all music comes from. The real roots! O Daddy, O Daddy!

13. The Blues Masters
featuring Big Al Carson
“Hip Shakin’ Mama” (4:33)
3 Phat Cats And 1 Skinny Dogg
Featuring Big Al Carson from “The Crescent City” rocks! With the vocals of Big Al and the band that has been with him for a while, this cut will make you realize that music in New Orleans is forever! Thank-you Rabadash Records!

14. Low Society
“Deadman’s Shoes” (3:33)
High Time
The intense collaboration of two disciples of the Blues—Texan Mandy Lemons and NYC Sturgis Nikides, brings his slide guitar doing Mississippi and her Texas soul-baring vocals to this great cut reinvigorating the Blues!

15. Blue Cat Blues Band
“Whiskey Feet” (3:32)
Whiskey Feet
Delaware’s Blue Cat smells like a juke joint Blues party! Like Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine’s Happy to Have the Blues! These guys make the Blues fun! Big Cat, The Professor, The Hot Shot and The Heavy Hitter. Bring it!

16. April Mae & The Junebugs
“Travelin’ Fortune Blues” (3:29)
April Mae & The June Bugs
East coast ramblin’ Americana band with a solidly entertaining collection of American roots music, April Mae and her fellows have a vibe that you cannot duplicate and we are ‘Happy to Have the Blues” with April Merlots Baby Roots!

17. Niecie
“Draw The Line” (3:16)
Beyond The Surface
Recognized for the soul running through her veins, Niecie was born and raised in the Motor City but has been performing everywhere in the world. It’s Niecie’s time to “Draw A Line” in the musical sand and rock your world!

18. Ron Beer
“I Don’t Want To Play House” (3:17)
The Blues Don’t Say It All
The blues might not say it all, but northerner Ron Beer loves delving into the delta and Chicago idioms of classic blues with a little taste of Motown and blue-eyed soul. His songs and guitar from Canada has resounded all over the world.

19. Nora Jean Bruso
“Good Blues” (3:44)
Good Blues
Back on top with her new CD, “Good Blues,” Nora Jean continues her rise to the top of the music world. Strong traditional voice and tempered with a new control, Nora Jean may be last on this sampler but is number one in our hearts!

20. The End (Not really!)
Junior, Sugar& Dave Fields (:45) Sugar & Junior are down the road!

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