Two Slims are better than one!
(or there is a ‘Slim’ chance of that happening!)
Watermelon Slim
Magic Slim

Loves The Life He Lives!
Memphis: Where the blues are alright
The Peabody Hotel in Memphis
Home to the blues and marching ducks

Two Slims blues
Bumble Bee Slim
Memphis Slim
Sunnyland Slim
Lynwood Slim
Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones
Guitar Slim Jr.
Harmonica Slim (Eddie Hayward)
Harmonica Slim (Richard Riley Riggins)
Johnny “Slim” Campbell
Madison Slim
Bobo “Slim” Thomas
Slim Harpo
Tarheel Slim
Alabama Slim
Too Slim
Driftin’ Slim
Texas Slim
Milwaukee Slim
Lightnin’ Slim
Bobby “Slim” James
Harmonica Slim Edwards
Bobo “Slim” Thomas
Harmonica Slim (Travis Blaylock)
South Side Slim
Root Boy Slim
Shrimp City Slim
“TV Slim” Wills
Brooklyn Slim (Paul Oscher)

Dennis “Bose” Biddle
Secrets of the Negro Baseball League

On The Road
NYC blues
Amplified Heat: Fathers of the New York sound
Baton Rouge blues
New Orleans Good Time Blues
West Virginia blues
Florida’s Space Coast blues
STL blues
West Coast blues
Zydeco blues
St. Blues Guitars: A Memphis Revival

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A cure for the blues
six times a year.







Photo by Robert Jr Whitall

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Sugar Mae
Blues Radio
Blues Society
Kansas City

Blues Club
Slim‘s 333, San Francisco


Buddy & Hopkins