Dec. 2018/Jan. 2019

John Sinclair
and his Blues Scholars

John Sinclair Unsung Hero
The Life & Times of John Sinclair
Don Was Poetry in Motion
Tino Gross “I Was A Teenage Blues Man”
Wayne Kramer We Started with Rock & Roll
and We End Up with Social Justice
Robert Junior Whitall Big City’s Big Chief
Dick Shurman Chronicling the Blues Cycle
Chris Strachwitz This Octogenarian Shows
No Sign of Slowing Down
Talkin’ Blues with Bruce Iglauer
Bill Wax & Robert Barclay To Be a Blues Scholar…
Scott Baretta A Life of Blues
Preston Lauterbach Following the Research
Scholars & Historians of the Blues
The Motor CityShakedown
Scholar, Player, Scribe, Larry Gabriel Keeps It All In The Family
New Jersey
New York City
Los Angeles
St Louis


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A cure for the blues
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On the cover:
Photo taken at the August 18, 2018 Ann Arbor Blues Festival by Shirley Mae Owens

Vol. 24 No 6

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Robert Jr
Sugar Mae

Sampler #24
Finger Lickin’ Good!

Sampler #23
We Jukin' Here!

Sampler #22
Summer of Love

Sampler #21
Down the road with
Sugar & Jr

Sampler #20
Boogie Chillen

Blues Art
RnB Teez 10-10
Charlie Musselwhite
Sonny Terry
by Dane Tighman
Louie Armstrong 4-10
By Scotty D
Willie Dixon 2-10
By Er4ic Z. Manning
Janis Joplin 12-09
By Dane Tighman
Running Shoes 10-09
By Londsay Shannon
Muddy Waters 8-09
By Dagmar Chaplin
Stevie Ray Vaughn 6-09
By Mark Arminski
Robert Johnson 4-09
By Dagmar Chaplin