Rollin' on the River
Sampler #15 2014

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Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine’s CD Sampler # 15 –
“Rollin’ on the River”

Rollin’ on the river or rollin’ down the river, again. As we enter 2014 we have on this sampler some great musicians. Thank-you for subscribing and supporting the music. Big City Queen is rollin’ down the river of sorrow, the river of hope, the river of life. Water, water, water: the river was the main form of transportation for many years before the advent of motorized vehicles. Many of the “Big Cities” are located on or near rivers. It is a part of the music—“Mississippi Queen,” “Proud Mary” and “Rolling on the River” are a few of the many songs about rivers. Roll on big river—the river of life!
Smokestack Lightnin’ (Train or Ship)
“Smokestack Lightning” was a Howlin’ Wolf standard and most schools of thought are convinced it is about trains, but in my mind it can also represent the river boats on the great rivers.
The river boats of old were floating palaces where the musicians of the day would find work. The patrons onboard would like all kinds of music so the successful musicians would be the ones who knew the most tunes—jazz, pop, country or blues. So our sampler is trying to bring that kind of diversity to you. It’s all good! Good music!
The “Coolest Blues Song of the Year” is a yearlong side project of Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine to promote songs and songwriters. After being selected to be on the sampler (that is given away to subscribers and not for sale), our website hosts a series of voting opportunities with the top two vote getters of each series moving onto the finals where a panel of judges pick the top three: traditional, dance hall and modern. We try to promote all the songs and songwriters all year long. We are ‘Happy to Have the Blues” and to host the “Coolest Blues Song of the Year.”
On Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine’s CD Sampler #15 – “Rollin’ on the River,” we have music from California, Mississippi, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Seattle, New York, Delaware, San Diego, New Orleans and Florida. Enjoy and “Roll on Big River, Roll on!
May the river be with you,
Robert Jr. Whitall

1. Sugar, Junior & Handsome Bob
"Rollin On The River," 00:23

2. Charlie Musselwhite
"River Hip Mama," 3:20, Juke Joint Chapel
The always hip harp king, Mr. Musselwhite, graces us with this boogie shuffle number from his ‘Juke Joint Chapel’ release. Hallelujah!

3. Ruff Kutt Blues Band featuring Finis Tasby, Anson Funderburgh, Zac Harmon and James Goode
"That's When The Blues Begins," 4:17, That’s When The Blues Begins
This blues super group reminds us that the blues is best when heartbreak is involved, and this tune hits a note that we can all, sadly, relate to.

4.The Kinsey Report
"Standing," 4:30, Standing
The family that plays together, slays together on this uptempo song from their EP of the same name.

5. Dave Keyes w/ Dave Fields
"Here She Comes Again," 5:15, Right Here Right Now
Piano wiz Mr. Keyes, a current nominee for this year’s Pinetop Perkins Piano Player award, brings it home old-school style and is joined by our very own guitar slinger, Dave Fields.

6. Andra Faye and Scott Ballantine
"Going Down To The River," 3:36, Laying Down Our Blues
Ex-Saffire member Andra Faye teams up with guitar virtuoso Scott Ballantine to bring the classic feel of our music’s origins with an updated take that’ll have your toes tappin’ and lips flappin’.

7. Billy J
"Boomerang," 5:06, Billy J
This rocker will keep you coming back for more - as its name implies!

8. Deak Harp
"No Hurry," 4:53, Mississippi Bound
Mississippi transplant/one-man-band Deak Harp shows that he’s not only Mississippi Bound but tied to the dust of Mississippi on this heart-of-Clarksdale number. Mr. Harp living up to his name…

9. Randy Oxford Band
"Trouble," 3:56, It Feels Good
When the band leader plays trombone, you know a big band feel and fun times are in store - which often leads to ‘Trouble.’

10. Nigel Mack with CJ Chenier
"Come Back Baby," 3:42, Devil's Secrets
From up Canada way, where those Cajuns came from, Comes Mr. Mack on this Zydeco inspired tune - and along for the ride is CJ Chenier to ensure the accordion is played according to tradition!

11. Chris James And Patrick Rynn w/ David Maxwell
"Goodbye, Later For You," 4:30, Barrelhouse Stomp
Let the good times roll as Chris James and Patrick Rynn roll out the Barrelhouse style with David Maxwell on guest keys.

12. Jim Allchin
"Stop And Go," 3:05, Q.E.D.
There’s no halting this jump blues number from the multi-talented Allchin. Grab your partner and clear the floor for this one!

13. Lisa Biales
"Belle Of The Blues," 3:12, Belle Of The Blues
Perhaps one of the sweetest voices in blues today, this country/blues tinged-tune sounds like an autobiographical statement from this talent, nicknamed “The Belle of The Blues.”

14. Acoustic Madness
"Midday Swoon," 3:05, Acoustic Madness
Handsome Bob Monteleone, Mitch Purdy and Ken have got the Motor City
wrapped up with their fine musical renderings from reggae, blues and
Americana with special guests including the very smooth April Monteleone

15. Jimmy Pritchard
"When The Blues Came To Town," 3:48, When The Blues Came To Town
When this bass playin’ bluesman comes to town, that’s when you know the blues came to town!

16. Jimmy Adler
"Headhunters," 3:38, Midnight Rooster
Adler means business on this grinding, gut-bucket blues. If the rhythm don’t get ya, that slide will slice you up!

17. Big Al & The Heavyweights
"Sunshine On Me," 3:43, Sunshine On Me
With Warren Haynes guesting and Anders Osborne producing, this cut sticks you right in a Louisiana swamp - and that’s just where you’ll want to stay!

18. Billy Pierce w/ Waylon Thibodeaux
"Song For Sonny," 3:26, Take Me Back To the Delta
Yeah You Rite! How does a master songwriter get the swampy sounds of Louisiana to play with a Delaware boy? It is magic! Here with the fiddle of Waylon Thibodeux..

19. Forgotten Borough Blues Band
"Lost My Head", 3:07, Last Ferry
Telling bass and drums to sit this one out, a tale of love gone wrong from Clive and Corey.
20. Sugar, Junior, & Handsome Bob
"May The River Be With You," 00:25

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