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HAPPY TO HAVE THE BLUES- Sampler #28 2020

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Coolest Big City Blues Song Winners of 2020

1. Robert Jr, Sugar Mae & Handsome Bob
“Be Happy Not Blue” (:38)
BCRB Magazine

2. Dion with John Hammond and Rory Block
“Told You Once In August” (5:32)
Blues with Friends
Keeping the Blues Alive Records 



3. Bobby Rush
“Down In Mississippi” (3:22)
Rawer Than Raw
Deep Rush/ Thirsty Tigers



4. Pat Smillie with
Motor City Josh

“Happy to Have the Blues” (2:57)
BCR&B single
Fat Bank Music


 5. Dave Fields
“Force of Will” (4:54)
Force of Will
FMI Records



6.  Jose Ramirez
“One Woman Man” (5:19)
Here I Come


7. Dave Keyes
“It’s 7 O’Clock Somewhere” (4:13)
 It’s 7 o’Clock Somewhere
Keyesland Records

8. Eric Hughes
“Ain’t Whipped Yet” (2:37)
A Postcard from Beale Street
Endless Blues Records


9. Billy J
“Rise Above” (5:31)
Rise Above

10. Linsey Alexander
“Going Out Walking” (4:44)
 Live At Rosa’s
Delmark records



11. Tony Holiday
“It’s Gonna Take Some Time” (3:50)
Soul Service
Vizztone Records


12. Sol Roots
feat Phil Wiggins 
“Work it for Me” (4:44), 
Satori Recordings




13. Jonny T. Bird & The MPS
“Birthday Blues” (4:01)
Common Cents
Neon Grub Jeer Music


14. Bob and April wsg Coltrane
“Never Thought It Would End Like This” (3:50)
Hanzie Records

15. Chris Canas Band
“Cheaper to Keep Her” (3:26)
Would You Mind?
CCB Records



 16. Mike Skill (from Romantics)
“Not My Business” (5:19)


17. Laura Green
“Bone to Pick” (4:01)
Green Eyed Blues
Laura Green Music


18. Churchwood
“Haint Blue” (3:42)
Plenty Wrong To Go Awry
Saustex Records



 19. Elizabeth Hansen
“I’ve Dropped So Many Clues” (3:15)
I’ve Dropped So Many Clues 
 Self-Produced Hanse



20. Bob Angell
“Blue Memphis” (3:03)
Supernal Blues
Rawtone Records 


21. Handsome Bob, Sugar Mae and Junior
“Happy” (:34)
BCRB Magazine


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