2020 Coolest Blues Song

Congrats to three finalists from

Sampler #28 Happy To Have the Blues

Elizabeth Hansen
“I’ve Dropped So Many Clues” (3:15)
I’ve Dropped So Many Clues 
 Self-Produced Hansen

Mike Skill (from Romantics)
“Not My Business” (5:19)

Sol Roots
feat Phil Wiggins 
“Work it for Me” (4:44), 
Satori Recordings

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Happy to Have the Blues

Congrats to three finalists from

Sampler #27 I Like It Like That

Back Track Blues Band
“Your Baby Has Left”” (4:56)
Your Baby Has Left
Vizztone Records

Peter V & Blues Train
““All Night Long”” (4:24)
Grass Ain't Greener On Other Side
self produced

Jake Curtis Blues Band
“Let Me Whisper in Your Ear” (2:52)
Tales From The Southside
Blue Lotus Recordings

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2019 Coolest Blues Song

The Winners

Congrats to Sampler #26 Round Three Winners

BackTrack Blues Band
“Best Friend’s Grave” (5:21)
Your Baby Has Left
Harpo Records

Jimmy T and Sidetracked
“Big City” (4:41)
Right Place, Right Time
Hander Pander Records

Congrats to Sampler #26 Round Two Winners

The Jimmys wsg Marcia Ball
“Write A Hit” (4:41)
Gotta Have It
Self. Produced 

Terry Hanck
“I Still Get Excited” (4:04)
I Still Get Excited
Greaseland Records

Congrats to Sampler #26 Round One Winners

Chris Barnes
“You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” (4:18)
Chris Barnes Live
Vizztone Records\

Pat Smillie
“Lonesome For a Long Time” (3:53)
Lonesome For A Long Time
Fat Bank Music

Congrats to Sampler #25 Round ThreeWinners

Harpdog Brown
"Reefer Lovin' Woman" (5:17)
For Love & Money
Dog House Records

Duca Belintani
"Jumping Boy Blues" (3:20)
How Long
Duca Belintani

Congrats to Sampler 25 Round Two Winners

Dawn Tyler Watson
"Love To Burn" (3:33)
Mad Love

Tlaxica and Pope
"Down For The Last Time" (3:19)
Tlaxica and Pope
Down For The Last Time
Self produced

Congrats to Sampler 25 Round One Winners

WildCat O'Halloran
“Can't Get It Like That" (5:39)
NYC Chill
Dove's Nest Records

Willie Buck
"You Want Me To Trust You" (3:56)
Willie Buck Way
Delmark Records


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