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Got Mojo?

Sampler #35 2024

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1. Handsome Bob, Sugar and Junior
“Mojo Working” (0:58)
Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine’s CD Sampler #35

2. Bobby Rush

“I’m Free”  (4:12)
All My Love For You
Deep Rush Records

3. Larry McCray

“Blues Without You” (5:07)
Blues Without You
Keeping The Blues Alive Records

4. The Kinsey Report

“Nobody’s Fault” (3:05)
I’ll Be Standing
RDK Records 

5. Billy Davis
“Troubled Shoes” (5:04)
Detroit Blues Factory Vol. 1
Blues Factory Records
The Billy Davis Rhythm Machine Band FB

6. Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos

“Rosalita”  (4:44)
Cheat The Devil
Whiskey Bayou Records

7. Peter Veteska & Blues Train

“Slow Down You Crazy Fool” (3:59)
Full Tilt
Blue Heart Records

8. Cassius King & the Downtown Rulers

“Last Call For The Blues” (4:04)
Last Call For The Blues
Nomad Eel Records

9. The Cinelli Brothers

“Lucky Star” (4:38)
Almost Exactly...
The Cinelli Brothers

10.  Hex Highway Blues Band

“You Leavin’ Did Me Good” (4:22),
Hex Highway Blues Band Live

11. Paul Filipowicz

“Old Time Superstition” (4:06)
Pier 43
Big Jake Records 

12. Rare Union

“Times They Always Change” (3:57)
Times They Always Change

13. Kenny Claiborne & Blood From A Stone

“It’s All Over Now” (2:35)
Kenny Clairborne & Blood From A Stone 
Radio Marigny 

14. Winestoned Cowboys

“Little Failure”  (3:48)
Live At The Old Miami
Melody Lane Records
Winestoned Cowboys FB

15.  Burdickville Boys

“Leave My Water Alone” (3:07)
Leave My Water Alone
Tuesday Night Records
Dedicated to F.L.O.W

16. Robert Thibodeau & the Detroit Jewels

“Happy Birthday You” (2:51)
New Hippy Love
Lucky Dog Records 

17. Luck and Trouble

“One Hit Blunder (3:43)
Bob’s Birthday Concert
Hanzie Records

18. Joey Gilmore

“I Got The Blues,” (4:19)
So Good To Be Bad
Pandisc Records
Joey Gilmore FB

19. Handsome Bob, Sugar and Junior
“Mojo Works” (0:39)
Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine’s CD Sampler #35


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