April/May 2024

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Let's Dance!
Lost Bayou Ramblers
Andre Michot
The World Accordion to Andre
Louis Michot
‘Bass’ed in the Past, Fiddlin’ with the Future           
Lost Bayou Ramblers
Beyond French, Fiddles, and the Freres Michot
The Cultural History of
Southern Louisiana
Terrance Simien Spreading Hope
Cynthia Simien Managing to Pioneer a Career
Chubby Carrier Keeping The Zydeco Spirit Alive!
C.J. Chenier Zydeco Music Royalty
Buckwheat Zydeco, Jr.
Zydeco Music Pops Like a Snap
Dwayne Dopsie Zydeco Bloodlines
Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble
Breaking Out While Staying Close
R&R, R&B, R&R in Louisiana
Hastings St Boogie
Bobby Murray Love letters From Detroit
New Orleans
New York City



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A cure for the blues
six times a year.

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Vol. 30 No 2

On the cover:
Photo by
Shirle Mae Owens

Robert Jr
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Sugar Mae
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Sampler #35
Got Mojo?

Sampler #34
The Raven Speakes

Sampler #33

Sampler #32
Night Time Is The Right Time

Sampler #31
Goin Up the Country

Sampler #30
Mojo Hand

Sampler #29
California Dreaming

Sampler #28
Happy to Have the Blues

Sampler #27
I Like It Like That

Sampler #26
What Would Junior Do?

Sampler #25
On The Road To Nowshere

Sampler #24
Finger Lickin’ Good!

Sampler #23
We Jukin' Here!

Sampler #22
Summer of Love

Sampler #21
Down the road with
Sugar & Jr

Sampler #20
Boogie Chillen